KriShaDa are three guys from Windsor, Ontario who want to share their ideas with the world!

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The Earth Is Ours!

The Earth Is Ours is a fast-paced card game for ages 12+ in which two teams race for dominion over the earth!

Side with the evil "Nefarians" or the heroic "Benevolites" as they race to construct a machine that will either destroy or save the Earth!


space game


Beast Brigade!

monster harvest





Top Of The Charts!

This is an action packed card game in which two teams battle to top the charts in six genres of music!

Two labels bid head-to-head to build their ultimate bands! Outbid your opponent or steal their artists - who will be the most valuable?

Where can I Buy?

These games are currently in proto-typing and will be available to crowdfunders soon!

We are hoping to be on Kickstarter in the very near future. Stay tuned for more details!